Shading actuator ESB62NP-IP/110-240V



Shading actuator ESB62NP-IP/110-240V ready to buy

Shading actuator with Wi-Fi connectivity, 1+1 NO contact 4A/250V AC, for 230V AC shading element motors. Automatic end position detection. Apple Home certified, REST API available. Standby loss only 0.8 watts. Compact design for installation. Plug-in terminals for conductor cross-sections of 0.2mm2 to 2.5mm2. Zero passage switching for contact protection. Supply, switching, and control voltage locally 110-240V. Can be controlled directly via Apple Home app and Siri without additional controller or gateway. Wi-Fi link uses 2.4 GHz frequency band for Over-the-Air updates. Configuration possible via Eltako Connect app. Development version of REST API available.

Connectivity: WiFi

Installation difficulty: moderate

Price range: 71 €

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