Voice control guide: How to remember controls for an interface without a screen?

Is your voice assistant getting confused all the time? 🤔

Here’s a guide on how to name your smart devices, create groups and enjoy routines - so you can really say you have upgraded to the most intuitive interface.

Smart assistants work best with properly named devices, groups and orchestrated routines. Everything needs a name and as you add smart devices the names multiply, so it naturally becomes harder to remember what to say and when. There is usually no screen to help you navigate between different actions.

The aim of this guide is to make voice truly the most intuitive interface. Taking these extra steps may be a bit more work at first, but they’ll definitely make your smart home experience more enjoyable in the long run.

These 3 tips will help your assistant execute better:

                                Learn about the logic behind single device control.

                                     What are groups and how to create them.

                             How to make routines that complement your daily habits.