Sonos - KNX integration is here

Reprogram your KNX switches to trigger Sonos speaker's functions. It comes free with every 1Home Bridge device. For now.

KNX Sonos connection made simple

1Home Bridge

KNX Sonos connection made simple with 1Home
KNX Sonos connection made simple with 1Home

What you get

Reprogram switches to trigger
Sonos features.

Connect KNX and Sonos

Use Sonos multi-room

Get your smart home expertly tuned. By yourself.

Get jazzy. Unwind with the classics. Or just rock it out. Orchestrate your favourite tunes with a single press of a button.

Possible controls:


Play Favourite





Sonos and KNX can finally speak to each other

Connect your sound system with your home and assign Sonos features to your existing wallswitch group addresses.

Connect Sonos and KNX with 1Home

What else can I do with 1Home?

You can integrate Apple Home, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
So basically anything.

Mobile app control

Your morning routine starts at 7 a.m.? Automate the floor heating to start increasing the temperature of the bathroom at 6 a.m. and finish at 8 a.m.

Voice control

Voice control via Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Control device groups with a single command.

IoT Integration

Integrate Philips Hue, Nanoleaf and others with KNX as if they were made by a single manufacturer.

Automation dashboard

Automate your devices with a few taps. No programming knowledge required.


Use your location as an automation trigger via geofencing.

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Server for KNX New

1Home Server for KNX

569€ + VAT

999€ + VAT

Ships in 10-12 business days

KNX Bridge

1Home KNX Bridge

799€ + VAT

Shipping immediately


KNX to Apple Home

Via Matter (fully local)

Via Apple Home (fully local)

Read more

KNX to Google Home

Via Matter (fully local)

Direct integration (via cloud)

Read more

KNX to Amazon Alexa

Supported in the future via Matter (fully local)

Direct integration (via cloud)

Read more

KNX to Samsung SmartThings

Supported in the future via Matter (fully local)

KNX to Home Assistant

Coming soon


Planned for future updates


Support for Google Home and Amazon Alexa

Advanced functionality

Advanced logic module in 1Home dashboard

Coming in December 2023

Bring 100s of IoT devices to 1Home dashboard via Matter

Coming in February 2024

Integrated KNX IP interface

4 concurrent connections

6 concurrent connections

Project setup & maintenance

Automatic ETS device detection AI

Automatically detects devices such as lights, blinds etc. to save you hours of manually creating devices and typing in group addresses.

Improved overview and confirmation of automatically detected devices.

Configuration validation

Detects setup mistakes and incorrectly configured group addresses and alerts you during the project set up. This is a real life saver in decreasing the time on each project and making the customer happy when they move in.

Secure remote ETS programming

Remote installer dashboard

Built both for one-man installers as well as for large installer companies. Easy way to manage multiple installers across many different projects.

Basic remote dashboard to configure your projects.

General information

Local support

Fully local with local dashboard, no internet connection required.

Local execution of Apple Home, initial configuration and other integrations via cloud.

Device details

DIN mountable

Direct KNX bus connection or via KNXnet/IP tunnel interface

CPU: Quad core, up to 1.5 GHz
Storage: 8 GB on board
Power supply (not included with Server): 5W, external 12-30VDC or 12V 1A DC barrel

Future proof hardware, designed in-house

DIN mountable

Direct KNX bus connection or via KNXnet/IP tunnel interface

CPU: Single core, 454 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
Storage: 256 MB on board
Power supply: 1.5W, 12-30VDC, or via PoE

Based on Weinzierl BAOS777

Technical data sheet

Documentation & installation guide

Express Worldwide

30-day money
back guarantee


1Home Server for KNX

Get Server for KNX

569€ + VAT

999€ + VAT

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1Home KNX Bridge

Get KNX Bridge

799€ + VAT

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